“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mother Teresa

Peace be upon you and welcome to SacredService for Human Liberation Online,

SacredService for Human Liberation is a lifestyle, an organization, and ultimately an initiative to establish Enlightened Eco-Villages comprised of seekers of Absolute Truth from diverse spiritual traditions, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures.  What unites us is our shared commitment to travel the ancient and universal Spiritual Path of Selfless Service to our Beloved Creator and our fellow creatures in order to transcend the body, mind, and soul and ultimately attain, through divine grace, the eternal life, beauty, and joy of the Spirit.  This was the essential Path of the great prophets Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Mary, Jesus, and Muhammad, and of great sages like Akhenaton, Plato, Lao Tzu, the Buddha, Orunmila, Confucius, Rumi, and Black Elk.  This Path calls us to place our respective aspirations, knowledge, skills, talents, and innate gifts at the service of our immediate community and the wider society thereby seeking presence and proximity to God without contravening the particular divinely revealed text we seek to embody or causing harm to ourselves, plants, animals, or other sentient beings.

We make this daily commitment with the intention of liberating our souls from the shackles of egocentric, animalistic, and satanic qualities and desires in order that the Light of our spirits can fully shine through our worship, culture, commerce, science, art, and play, individually and communally, God willing.  Through this work angelic qualities like love, courage, compassion, humility, gratitude, and divine knowledge begin to immediately take root in the human soul and gradually blossom into the sweet fruits of peace, justice, wisdom, and everlasting happiness.

Our core Five Principles are:

  • Know Thyself: Knowledge of our ancestry, body, mind, soul, and Spirit;
  • Heal Thyself: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health through Natural Living and natural medicine;
  • Sustain Thyself: Food, clothing, and shelter through natural, local, and renewable resources;
  • Free Thyself: Finance free of debt, interest, greed, fear, injustice, and dependence on employers.
  • Transcend Thyself: Communal living, teaching others what you know, and spiritual awakening.

We aim to build, God willing, a global community of sacred servants, truly human Beings who organize their individual lives so that they are in service to their extended families, their families so that they are in service to their ethnic group, their ethnic group so that it is in service to humanity, and humanity so that it is in service to The Divine.

“The true leader of a people is the one who serves them.”

– Muhammad the Prophet

“The people of Service resemble the sun and moon,

such that even the darkest corners are brought to life through them.

Their brightness increases as they illuminate others.”

Osman Nuri Topbaş