Building People, Healing Families, Establishing Eco-Villages

SacredService for Human Liberation’s vision is to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to build ecologically sustainable villages in which people’s lives are organized around lovingly and reverentially connecting with The Creator, Nature, their righteous ancestors, their Highest Selves, one another, and with similar communities throughout the world.

The most endangered species on the planet is the truly human Being who has been spiritually liberated from fear of material loss and desire for material pleasures. ¬†Our vision is to establish eco-villages that provide valuable goods and services that serve humanity’s highest calling as representatives of The Creator on Earth, goods and services that do no harm to people or to the creatures who share the planet with us.

We aim, with the infinite help of the Creator and timeless wisdom of the Great Prophets, to help establish an enlightened civilization of truly human Beings in which Divine Love, Peace, Truth, Freedom, and Justice for all creatures guides our science, art, politics, socioeconomic activities, and spirituality.