Community is integral to human life, so developing model communities based on sacred revealed tradition, intuitive knowledge of Divine truths and our highest selves, and sincere concern and service to all beings in our lives is central to the SacredService for Human Liberation mission.


What distinguishes our approach to eco-villages and intentional community development is that we are not building in reaction to the environmental crisis, social crisis, or global crisis of nihilism. Rather, we are uniquely inspired by the many examples of Enlightened Villages built by Prophets and saints over the millennia, and particularly by the multi-religious and multiethnic community of Medina led by the last of the Infallible Prophets, Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace along with his family). We are not so much motivated by saving the Earth as we are by the desire to save our own souls because we are the microcosm of the Heavens, Earth, and all that is between them. Read more.


SacredCircles are weekly gatherings for families and friends who are committed to embodying to the Five Principles of SacredService. We gather for physical, mental, and spiritual nourishment, as we share a delicious and healthy vegetarian meal and we engage with the Way together through spiritual insights from the Blessed Qur’an or Prophetic wisdom, listening to a lecture related to one of our Five Principles, and collectively invoking God and meditating on His Signs through poetry, song, prayer, and silence.

Women, youth, and children are engaged, included, and empowered to share in organizing, participating in, and leading SacredCircles. We are non-sectarian, non-racist, and non-misogynistic. We believe in and strive to embody the Divine Unity with which the Children of Adam were created, without division based on race, gender, or class. Read More.


Hijrah is a lifelong process of sacred migration from all that is not aligned with Divine cosmic truths and beauty. We seek to educate and empower people to reach their highest inner illumination, while in the process illuminating the world around them through sacred living based on Islamic principles. These principles include eating, wearing, and using only pure products which are produced through non-violent, non-destructive, and non-oppressive means and materials. We teach the skills to become financially independent of the interest-based system of debt and to achieve gradual liberation through lifestyle changes to reflect prophetic virtues in every aspect of life. Read more.