Intentional Community: Developing a Model

“Do no harm nor reciprocate harm with harm.”

~ Muhammad the Prophet

Our physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being and growth are key to living a life full of love, joy, significance, and success. Cities and suburbs deprive many of our children and grandchildren of the space, safety, and freedom needed to explore the world around them and their own inner universe.

Living more simply, naturally, and spiritually is better for our overall health, our relationships, our finances, and our faith in the Unseen. The famous twentieth century sage Inayat Khan said,

“It is not that in this world there is a shortage of all that is good and beautiful and of all that we need. The shortage is in our hearts: we do not want others to have anything. And it is the culture of humanity which will bring about better conditions, and not this outer change with which many occupy themselves, thinking that through this change the condition of the world will improve.”

Communities of family and friends who seek to connect with God, Nature, their believing ancestors, their Highest Selves, and with each other in sincere and meaningful experience true life, liberty, and happiness. SacredService aims to facilitate the establishing of intentional communities based on simple, duplicable, and sustainable models by locking arms with other Transition Movement initiatives around the world that offer training and experience in the skills, technology, and in the mindset needed for building a successful intentional community.

What distinguishes our approach to eco-villages and intentional community development is that we are not building in reaction to the environmental crisis, social crisis, or global crisis of nihilism. Rather, we are uniquely inspired by the many examples of Enlightened Villages built by Prophets and saints over the millennia, and particularly by the multi-religious and multiethnic community of Medina led by the last of the Infallible Prophets, Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace along with his family). We are not so much motivated by saving the Earth as we are by the desire to save our own souls because we are the microcosm of the Heavens, Earth, and all that is between them.

Our goal is to provide goods and services that enrich the lives of the local communities surrounding our eco-villages. Communal living is a goal and a means to improve our health, refine our character, serve our fellow creatures, and most importantly, liberate our souls from attachments to the comfort, distractions, and luxury of the material world which veil us from witnessing the beauty, majesty, and radiance of the superior spiritual world. Let our living be without harm to ourselves or others.