Start a SacredCircle

SacredCircles are weekly gatherings for families and friends who are committed to embodying to the Five Principles of SacredService. We gather for physical, mental, and spiritual nourishment, as we share a delicious and healthy vegetarian meal and we engage with the Way together through spiritual insights from the Blessed Qur’an or Prophetic wisdom, listening to a lecture related to one of our Five Principles, and collectively invoking God and meditating on His Signs through poetry, song, prayer, and silence.

Women, youth, and children are engaged, included, and empowered to share in organizing, participating in, and leading SacredCircles. We are non-sectarian, non-racist, and non-misogynistic. We believe in and strive to embody the Divine Unity with which the Children of Adam were created, without division based on race, gender, or class.

The SacredCircle is a “third space” outside of work, home, and our institutional places of worship, where we can bring our spouses, children, relatives, and friends to share a delicious vegetarian meal, get to know one another, build friendships, and support each other with our knowledge, gifts, and love. It is a space to collectively pray, invoke our Creator, and meditate, so that we can sow the seeds and experience of the grace of daily communal living in our bodies, minds, and souls before we build an actual community.

The SacredCircle is a safe space for people to discuss real issues that affect them and their families. We agree to agreeable disagree with each other, if necessary. We are a group of people committed to non-violence (except in self-defense) and non-judgment of people’s hearts or destinies, and come together to discuss true solutions to the problems of our community, nation, and the world guided by the Divine Revelation of the Qur’an, Divine Wisdom, and the ways of our believing ancestors.

Finally, the SacredCircle is a learning space where we broaden and deepen our knowledge of the Five Principles of SacredService for Human Liberation:

1) Know Thyself

2) Heal Thyself

3) Sustain Thyself

4) Free Thyself

5) Transcend Thyself

Education is encouraged through discussion, listening to guest speakers, watching films, a monthly book club on issues of health, wealth, and self-knowledge, and most importantly, the practical application of these principles in our homes and families.

To begin a SacredCircle in you city, a local leader must first successfully complete introductory SacredServant training in Atlanta, Georgia, and online, which we plan to hold twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn, God-willing.