Khadijah Johnson-Diouf

Khadijah Johnson-Diouf is an accomplished entrepreneur, creative designer, and administrator with over 20 years experience in small business and non-profit organizational development, operations and administration. She teaches Liberation Therapy at SacredService for Human Liberation, an essential step in achieving liberation from the inner constraints on our minds, hearts, and souls. Liberation Therapy teaches and guides the student through the theory and practice of healing old wounds, overcoming restrictive habits and mindsets, and transforming our inner and outer realities. 

For almost twenty-five years, Khadijah has been bringing her talent, experience and education to bear for a variety of businesses and community based non-profit organizations.  Ms. Johnson-Diouf wears several hats professionally.  She serves as Volunteer Executive Director of a local non-profit organization, Third World Family Humanitarian where she leads the organization in strategic planning and  development and in the implementation of its human centered programs. She is also the co-owner of Ahbabtu, Inc, a company that focuses on social venture development, global imports/exports, retail sales, marketing, and product design and development.

Khadijah is happily married to Moussa Diouf of Senegal, West Africa, and is the proud mother of many.  Her personal mission is to be an example of a conscious way of existence that awakens the highest potential in the minds, bodies and souls of least 1,000,000 human beings around the world.