MISR: BeyondMeditation



You are not only a physical body with physical needs. You are also a mind, a soul, and a spirit, each with unique needs. Just as your physical body starves, becomes sick, and dies if it is deprived of physical nourishment, exercise, and adequate sleep; your metaphysical body, that part of you that is beyond the physical world, will starve, become sick, and die if it is deprived of spiritual and intellectual food, training, and rest.

The ancient spiritual practices of meditation, invocation, supplication, and recitation have been used by Prophets, realized sages, and their students for thousands of years to give our metaphysical bodies what they need to be whole, healthy, and fully integrated with our physical being. Consistent and sincere practice leads to awakening our spiritual intelligence, quieting the inner noise of our minds, and charging the physical body with spiritual energy through the grace of The Creator.


Meditation begins with stilling the body, then proceeds to stilling the mind, and then finally develops into the journeying of the soul beyond the manifestations of the physical and mental worlds to the dimensions of spiritual realities beyond time and space.  While meditation and mindfulness are increasingly recognized for the positive impact they have on our overall health and mental wellbeing, they have an even loftier purpose.  Regular meditation is a tool for unveiling the mirror of the heart so that we can “see” things as they really are, free of prejudice, cultural bias, and dogma.  It is this unfiltered vision of life that is needed to build a society that facilitates the spiritual blossoming of its members rather than prevents it. Read More.


Since the beginning of human history, sound, and vibration have been used by Prophets and sages to heal trauma, awaken souls, repel harm, and attract benefit of every kind. Speech is a meeting between meaning and the material, so it is the perfect bridge to cross from the physicality of the ego, the “I”, to the spirituality of divine conciousness, your true identity, and the source and foundation of your freedom socially, intellectually, economically, and politically. Read More.

More coming soon, iA.