“Indeed it is only through the invocation of God that hearts find tranquility.”

– The Divine Book, Thunder 13: 28

Since the beginning of human history, sound, and vibration have been used by Prophets and sages to heal trauma, awaken souls, repel harm, and attract benefit of every kind. Speech is a meeting between meaning and the material, so it is the perfect bridge to cross from the physicality of the ego, the “I”, to the spirituality of divine consciousness, your true identity, and the source and foundation of your freedom socially, intellectually, economically, and politically.

Sacred Sound, speech infused with the most transcendent of spiritual meanings, is an ancient science of invoking God though the Divine Names, Glorification, and Grace that purifies the human soul from self-centeredness, attaches the heart to the Presence of God, and illuminates the intellect with transcendental knowledge.

The ancient Arabic word for invocation is “thikr”, it conveys the sense of remembering.  Socrates, the Greek sage, once said that true education is a process of remembering.  What are we to remember? Who are we to remember? Why are we to remember?  The remembrance of God through invoking the Divine Names is the best, quickest, and easiest path for humans to remember their Origin as spirits in the Divine Presence unfettered by the confines of time and space.

Imam al-Ghazzali, one of the greatest spiritual masters who ever walked the face of the planet, taught that the heart of the human being is a cosmic mirror made to reflect the metaphysical realities of the Cosmos along with the Divine Names and Attributes which are the Source of all Being and interconnectedness in the universe. Just as mirrors are composed of two surfaces, one opaque and one trasnparent, the human is comprised of two substances, one opaque, the body, and one transparent, the spirit. This reflection of higher meanings and perception of higher pleasures is an ability that all human beings are potentially possess but this mirror which is the soul must have the correct orientation, be free of barriers, and be thoroughly polished in order to function as it was made to function.

This polishing of the heart is done through mindful chanting of God’s revealed Names, divine glorification, seeking divine grace, and benedictions upon the Prophet of Love, Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace), a portion of the morning, a portion of the evening, and throughout your waking hours. These divine mantram gradually activate subtle centers of great spiritual energy and awaken inner sensory organs that perceive sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures that are not only beyond the physical world but are superior to that which resembles them therein.   Truly spiritual experiences of this kind take our focus away from self-centered and selfish living and redirect our time and attention to what matters most in this world, the experience of everlasting joy and peace. These two flood the hearts of those who worship God out of love, liberated from fear and desire based worship, those who serve their fellow creatures with complete selflessness emancipated through the light of invocation from desire for compensation or appreciation.

The desire for euphoria, escape, excitement, ecstasy, tranquility, and transcendence that millions of people seek from drugs, alcohol, sexual intercourse, and other addictions and appetites can only truly be attained through the natural and harmless effects of divine invocation. Peace and joy that is achieved from outside of you or from substances that are delimited by time and space will never last, it is only when we connect our hearts to that which is within us and unlimited that we find what eludes so many.

Invoking the Divine with stillness of body and mind along with presence of heart is a discipline that can be systematically learned in SacredService’s weekend seminars and spiritual retreats.  The remembrance of God with the tongue and heart in harmony by a community of people who love and respect each other leads to the unity of soul necessary for successful communal living, emancipation from every form of oppression, and total exodus from the frenetic pace of consumer culture.


“Surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night is evidence for those who possess innermost hearts.Those who constantly invoke God while standing, sitting, or resting on their sides and who meditate on the creation of the heavens and the earth saying, ‘Our Nurturer, you have not created all this without purpose. Transcendent are You! Protect us from the punishment of the fiery manifestation of the ego.’ “ 

~ The Divine Book