“Indeed, in the creation of the Heavens and the Earth and the alternation of the Night and the Day are Divine Messages for those whose innermost hearts are awakened, those who invoke God while standing, sitting, or lying on their sides and meditate on the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, saying,”Our Divine Nurturer, You did not create this aimlessly, infinitely transcendent are You! Do protect us from the punishment of the fiery manifestation of our egos.”

– The Qur’an, The Book of the Family of Imran, 3: 190-191


Meditation begins with stilling the body, then proceeds to stilling the mind, and then finally develops into the journeying of the soul beyond the manifestations of the physical and mental worlds to the dimensions of spiritual realities beyond time and space.  While meditation and mindfulness are increasingly recognized for the positive impact they have on our overall health and mental wellbeing, they have an even loftier purpose.  Regular meditation is a tool for unveiling the mirror of the heart so that we can “see” things as they really are, free of prejudice, cultural bias, and dogma.  It is this unfiltered vision of life that is needed to build a society that facilitates the spiritual blossoming of its members rather than prevents it.

Over 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace), saddened and displeased with idolatry of his people, would regularly retreat for about a month at a time to the Cave of Aspiration on the Mountain of Light outside the valley of Mecca.  He did this for a period of three years until all of his dreams began revealing to him news from the spiritual worlds, and then one night he was unexpectedly contacted by the Archangel Gabriel (peace be upon him) and taught the Qur’an, the Unifying Recitation, the final Divine Scripture revealed for humanity’s healing, unity, guidance, and spiritual evolution.

This sacred story indicates the importance of meditation and spiritual retreat in connecting with God and angelic energies that practically show us the means for living meaningful lives, transforming our corner of the world for the better, and tapping into the inner peace and joy that comes with awakening to everlasting life with God, the life of the Spirit, the life of true freedom from oppression in all its different forms.  Like Prophet Muhammad (God bless his soul) purifying the ancient shrine of the Ka’ba from idols, meditation ultimately frees us from all of the idols in our lives that preoccupy us from witnessing the Divine though the sacredness of life.

The word in Qur’anic Arabic for meditation is “tafakkur”, which means “reflection”.  This meaning entails two primary aspects of our meditative practice: reflecting, or thinking deeply, about the wisdom and divine messages in the natural phenomena of the heavens and the earth, and unveiling the mirror of our spirits so that they reflect the metaphysical realities that are the essential nature of all that is in the Cosmos and beyond it.

SacredService instructors provide coaching and guidance in the theory and practice of Marifat Meditation, an ancient meditation practice that ultimately leads to knowledge of your highest Self and its primordial relationship to the Divine Self which constantly reveals Itself to us through the sensory and unconcious worlds.

Knowledge that comes through “reflection” is one of the highest forms of human knowledge. Meditation liberates us from the fear and suffering caused by materialism, violence, and immorality in our world and equips us to transform the world into a loving and blissful abode of spirituality, peace, and righteousness.  And it is for this purpose we were sent to Earth.

Meditation should occur in such a manner

as to open the path and bring forth a king.

Consider him a king who is detached from his kingship

though his radiance lights up the moon and the sun!

~ Rumi