Sumayya Allen is a certified permaculture designer, an urban agriculturalist, and educator working to design, implement and support regenerative agro-ecosystems. Her commitment to growing healthy soil, food, and community has benefited the Atlanta community through her work with various organizations including The Wylde Center, Truly Living Well’s Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, Global Growers Network, Gaia Gardens, Atlanta Local Food Initiative and Emory University’s educational gardens. Read more here.


An Atlanta Native, Shannaan Dawda is a CPA, entrepreneur, and financial coach who teaches financial literacy, overcoming debt, and achieving financial independence through entrepreneurship at SacredService for Human Liberation. Shannaan was born at Grady Memorial Hospital in 1986. Although proud Grady baby and Southerner, his parents moved from Accra, Ghana to Georgia in the spring of 1982 to experience a different way of life. Growing up in a household that valued education, hard work and perseverance, Shannaan graduated from Georgia Southern University 2009 Cum Laude with degrees in Accounting and Finance. Read more here.


Khadijah Johnson-Diouf is an accomplished entrepreneur, creative designer, and administrator with over 20 years experience in small business and non-profit organizational development, operations and administration. She teaches Liberation Therapy at SacredService for Human Liberation, an essential step in achieving liberation from the inner constraints on our minds, hearts, and souls. Liberation Therapy teaches and guides the student through the theory and practice of healing old wounds, overcoming restrictive habits and mindsets, and transforming our inner and outer realities. Read more here.


Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes currently ​serves as Founding Director of SacredService for Human Liberation, Lead Arabic ​Instructor for Fawakih Institute Atlanta, and as a Lecturer at Madina Institute USA.  He was born in the United States​ and reared ​there​ as well as in ​Nigeria. In Texas, at the age of 17, he embraced the Way of Love and ​Universal Religion of the Prophets, Islam, after a life changing journey to Jerusalem​ just a few weeks before his high school graduation. Read more here.


Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi, having graduated from the University of California San Diego with degrees in History and Engineering, is a lifelong student of Islamic Spirituality who has spent the entirety of his adult life studying religion and spirituality with some of the most illuminated teachers of the Way. He teaches spirituality and meditation arts based on authentic texts and traditions of the Way of Love taught by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and all of the prophets who came before him. Read more here.